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Myer's College is a university-preparatory school located at Chakwal, Punjab, in Pakistan. The College is affiliated with Cambridge International Examinations (PK 035: Myer's College) and offers Cambridge O-LEVELS and A-LEVELS qualifications. Myer's College is patterned after English public schools and houses around 1000 pupils. It owns over 100 acres (0.40 square km) of land near Balkassar-Motorway Interchange,Chakwal. However, currently the classes are being held at Kot Sarfraz Khan Campus in Chakwal city.
Myer's College was founded in 1999, and the first Myer's College student appeared in Cambridge International Examinations in 2005 and made the headlines with securing straight A's in all O Level subjects. Ever since, the college students have not looked back.

History & Background

The leading family of dominant Mair-Minhas tribe of Dhani has more than a hundred years of history of promoting the cause of education in the area. The Chaudrial of Dhani, Khan Bahadur, Raja Aurangzeb Khan was the first to do so in the 19th century. While other landlords in the Punjab were doing their best to supress education in their teritories, Raja Aurangzeb Khan gave generous donations and prosperity for the establishment of the school.

In his report submitted to the Punjab government on 7th February 1880, Mr. Brandeth, the commissioner of Lahore wrote, "Raja Aurangzeb Khan, Chaudrial of Chakwla, has done great service in his district for the cause of health and education on more than one occasion". C. Pearson, Inspector of schools, Multan Circle, in his report given on 15th October 1881 wrote, "Raja Aurangzeb, the present Tehsildar at Alipur, appears to be very fond of looking after and visiting schools whereever he is stationed. During my inspection of schools in Jhang District, I met his name very frequently in the schools visitor's books, and I find he keeps up the same practice in the schools of Alipur Tehsil and in his own District."

Raja Aurangzeb's son, Khan Sahib, Raja Sarfraz Ali Khan promoted the tradition not only by patronizing schools but also by setting up scholarships for deserving students. He provided building for the Government Girls School and patronized Islamia School Chakwal throughout his life. However, his biggest contribution was the foundation of Government College Chakwal in 1949 for which, he not only donated one hundred thousand rupees but the central and the most expensive piece of his own land. Apart from this, he set up Sarfraz fund to support poor students. As a result, the Chakwali youth, which would have ended up at lower level jobs, was able to join Army and Civil Services as Officers.

After Khan Sahib's death, most of his children have done their bit for the cause of education. One of his daughters donated a primary school for girls in Chakwal. His sons donated land for three different schools in Faisalabad.

Since the family moved from Chakwal, nothing significant was done in this area. Thirty years after Khan Sahib, his grandson, Raja Yassir Sarfraz, son of Raja Humayun Sarfraz, decided to rejuvenate his family's mission in Chakwal. Consequently, he founded Myer's College, an institution, which he intends to establish on the pattern and standard set by the leading public schools of the country.

Raja Yassir Sarfraz himself studied at Aitchison and then at the University of Florida from where he graduated with high honors in the field of Computer and Information Sciences. He worked there for a while but then turned down many lucrative job offers as he had decided to serve his motherland and hometown. He always had a keen interest in Education and hence decided to become the managing member of the College Board of Governors. It was decided to name the school after the first settler of this area, Raja Muhammad Mair aho also happens to be the direct ancestor of the Sarfraz family. The area of Dhani was one part of Jammu State of Dogra Rajputs. In the year 1190, Raja Baghir Dev, a Jamwal Prince, converted to ISlam and decided to settle in this area. He was named Muhammad Mair after conversion of Islam. His decendents are known as Mair-Minhas Rajputs and were the taulqadars of the area till the British annexed it in 1849.

Our Services


Qamar Jahan Begum Trust Fund offers reduction in tuition to complete schooling including clothing and books.

Boarding Classes

We offer boarding classes to our weaker students in evening that respects learning and can be transformative.

Best Education System

We offer learning through creative, activity based classes, in which concepts underpin knowledge acquisition and application.

Experienced Teachers

Teaching staff, at Myer’s College, is selected with meticulous care and thorough scrutiny with a view to ensuring pedagogic competence.

Computer Center

Equipped with state of the art hardware and up to date software, aim to satisfy the needs of the teaching, research and administration functions.

Football Grounds

Football is an integral part of our profile and as such we want to ensure the best possible playing conditions for our students.

Message from
the Chairman

In the absense of a fine educational institution in our area, people are either obliged to send their children to other cities, or had to settle for whatever was avaliable in Chakwal. Our mission is to provide high quality education in their hometown at an affordable cost. We try to groom a child not only as a good student, but as a well-mannered and practical member of a society.

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