Clubs and Societies at Myer's College

Reading Club

A platform for students to promote literacy and critical thinking and foster love of reading providing a fun and engaging way




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Drama Club

A medium to provide a creative outlet for students not only to build confidence in public speaking and performance skills, but also ecourage them for teakwork and collaboration: a way to explore literature, history and culture through the art of theatre

Environmental Society

A society to raise awareness among students about environmental issues and encourage them to take action to protect their planet; not only it provides opportunities for students to learn about sustainable living and promote a culture of environmental responsibility but also inspires students to become environmental leaders in their comminities

Code Club

A club to introduce students to the world of computer science and programming enhancing their creativity, problem solving skills and enabling them to collaborate with peers to pursue their careers in this field

Sports Club

Sports club at Myer's offers a range of physical activities helping students improve their fitness levels and coordination. It also teaches them life skills such as teamwork, leadership and sportsmanship boosting their confidence and providing opportunities for socialization and sense of belonging

Art Club

A club that is vital to nature creativity, imagination, visual literacy, critical thinking, problem solving and what not!
It also helps students promote cultural awareness and showcase their talents and interests in different genres of arts